Kimberley Lauren

Updates on Kim's breast cancer and treatments

Yesterday I met with a physicians assistant who teaches chemotherapy classes. I got the whole rundown on what to expect once I start. My first appointment is this Friday (August 3), and I’ll be going once every two weeks for 4 rounds for the first cycle (I’m still confused about which one is a “round” and which is the “cycle”). Then I’ll be going once a week for 12 weeks for the second cycle. She said that about 2-3 weeks after the first session I’ll start to lose my hair, but it should start to grow back once I start the second cycle of drugs. 

I have decided not to go forward with the whole egg preservation thing and take my chances of infertility. The process would have probably set back chemo about 6 weeks from what I heard, and I’d rather just start treatment as soon as possible. I’ve also heard of a lot of people conceiving a child after their treatments and I figure since I’m still a baby myself, there’s a decent chance that it could happen to me as well. Plus, I’d rather worry about kids once I’m ready to actually have one.

You can see the excitement on my face about the loss of my hair. If I’m brave enough I’ll do an “after” photo after it’s all shaved, but I’m not shaving it until it actually starts to fall out.

I just got home from my surgery. They removed 3 lymph nodes, one was positive, and  we’ll find out about the other two in a couple of days. I’m not experiencing much pain in that area. My catheter/port is in place, and is a little sore, but the pain isn’t too bad for right now. 

Kim’s brain MRI came back fine, but the PET scan showed that some (I think they said 6) of her lymph nodes are affected.  They said she’s either stage 2 or 3, but won’t know for sure until they remove and look at each lymph node.  That will be done at the same time she gets the tumor removed.  

She will have surgery this Friday to get the port put in so she can receive chemo treatments.  The port is just what they stick the needle into during treatments.  It apparently will look like a small stack of nickles under the skin around the collarbone area.  They are also going to do the sentinel lobe biopsy on Friday when they put the port in.  


Today Kim had her PET scan and Brain MRI today.  And the genetic test came back negative!!!  That means that they won’t recommend a bilateral mastectomy and removal of her ovaries right now.  That doesn’t mean all of that won’t happen at some point, but that is seriously good news.  More later.


Kim had a good 21st birthday, as you can see here.

She has a consultation with her surgeon scheduled on Wednesday and she will have her PET scan and brain MRI on Friday.  The genetic test results should come sometime by the end of this week, as well.  

Also, if anybody knows any good resources regarding nutrition and recipes for breast cancer, let me know.  Kim’s not the hugest fan of vegetables, but she agreed to let me force them on her.